What is InspiringTravel?

inspiring.travel is the travel marketplace where you can find trips offered by the best Spanish travel agencies. We pick the best trips and experiences from the top local experts to guarantee you the best holidays in Spain whatever it is the way you want to travel.

License, Awards and Certifications

inspiring.travel is a licensed travel company with license GC-3630 and a member of ACAVe.

inspiring.travel's travel inspiration technology was awarded as the best technology company in a competition between more than 200 companies from around the world organized by UK TechCity in London.

Our company's first website BuscoUnViaje.com was awarded as the best spanish tourism startup in Spain's main tourism and technology forum: TurismoAS

Nota de prensa - Link (Spanish)

Our company's first website BuscoUnViaje.com was chosen by Turespaña's Instituto de Estudios Turísticos as a case of success in commerzializing experiential trips.

Nota de prensa - Link (Spanish)

How do we make money?

inspiring.travel helps people to travel more and be happier, but even a happiness generator like us has to live on something. We do not charge commissions or management fees to users, who pay exactly the same price for their trips and experiences as if they contacted directly with the tour-operator. So many people wonder ... Where do they get the money from?         

For everyone to understand, we wanted to explain it in a totally transparent way. You can read it here . And then, do not forget to look for the trip you're dreaming of! .     


  • 1.We've verified that travelling help lead a more satisfying life, make us freer individuals, less vulnerable to manipulation.
  • 2.We know that behind every trip, there are incredible findings.
  • 3.We are convinced that a world with people that travel is a better world.
  • 4.That is why we want to encourage people to go on a trip, not just on any trip, but the trip you feel more like taking because it fits your tastes, and because it helps you get closer to what we call the total traveller.
  • 5.We know that travelling brings us closer to other human beings, makes it easier to understand each other and to overcome clichés that do nothing but separate us. We firmly believe that being passionate about travelling means being passionate about life, about the human kind and about the planet and entails a commitment to them.