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Tours to Úbeda

This is the full listing of tours in Úbeda, tours and organized trips from expert agencies selected by InspiringTravel. In these organized itineraries you can enjoy of tours in Úbeda, activities and the most important places of the destination. The amount of buildings of historical interest crowding this city in Jaen is absolutely mindboggling. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, next to Baeza, the walled Úbeda stands proud against a backdrop of olive groves and the rolling hills of the province of Jaen. A spectacular visit and an essential stop of any trip through Andalusia.

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Andalusian treasures (8 days)

  • 19-07-2017
  • 20-07-2017
  • 21-07-2017
  • 22-07-2017
  • 23-07-2017
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